Saurus created by Cliff Galbraith an 80's Icon Returns!
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The Saurus Gang was created by Cliff Galbraith in 1986, in Matawan NJ. The first Saurus was Computasaurus, followed by Shopasaurus and Partyasaurus. At the time, Cliff and his father Ray, owned a struggling T-shirt printing company Talking Tops. Inc.The print shop was transfored almost overnight into a thriving business because of the Saurus popularity. Ray Galbraith saw to it that the Saurus Gang became an international licensing phenomena while Cliff drew hundreds of new Sauruses.

Cliff Galbraith has since gone on to be an illustrator of album covers, posters and comic books.You can find his work at his site:

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  Time Magazine mentions Shopasaurus being from New Jersey:  

"But we are not known only for our medical-supply companies. No, New Jersey is a state that brought us the light bulb, Walt Whitman and the Shopasaurus T shirt."
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Cliff Galbraith would like to thank

Dan Humphrey, Kevin Rosenblatt, Wayne and Joan Colgan, Kathy & Lenny Sulewski, Jeanette Eggland, Tim Parker, Amy Figler, Corey Kuziw, Jennifer Robinson, Paul Yuwarski, Anthony Hanes, Danny Balant, Bob Gordon, Leo Walsh, Danny Aniello, Bob Fish, Holly Neminski, Michael Williams and everyone else from Talking Tops who worked so hard to make Saurus a success.


Patti Graham for inspiring the Shopasaurus on that fateful day.


Steve Selvin, Brad Levine, and all of people of New World Sales
Ron Lundy Sales
Jim Weiser
Elaine Tross
Jack Franco and Franco Towel
Steve Harris
Judy Basis and Ernie Lustenring of Licensing Book Magazine
Bob Pascal
Ralph Kaplan
Bob Levine and Read America
Strotman Marketing
Hallmark Greetings
Hanes underwear
Macy's Department Stores
Major League Baseball
National Basketball Association
National Hockey League
Jim Hensen Studios
Scholastic Books

and all the fans of Saurus

  Other sites featuring the work of Cliff Galbraith:  





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